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Salmon With Almond and Olive Oil Crust

…, only one form of vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol, can meet your body's needs and protect it from free radicals. But don't reach for the synthetic supplements just yet. Your body craves the alpha-tocopherol found in natural sources, including almonds and olive oil, because your body processes it more effectively…


…chemicals, pollution, and other environmental factors. Since it’s not always easy to get nutritional allowances through food alone, try supplementing with DHC Vitamin E capsules. As the first line of defense for the body, your complexion is especially vulnerable to chemicals and pollutants that can…

Macadamia Benefits

Aloha! Or maybe not ... these nuts, seemingly as Hawaiian as luaus and leis, actually hail from Australia, where aborigines used them to supplement their diet. The seeds were planted in Hawaii in the late 1800s, and the trees flourished—hence their frequent appearance in tourist shops. Delicious added…

Donna Brockman, DHC Customer since 2002

…to look at furniture and then I ended up buying our first house! FAVORITE DHC PRODUCTS I didn't think Deep Cleansing Oil could be improved, but I love Whip Cleansing Oil ... it's so light, and there's no waste. I supplement with the Mineral Mask once a week and Acerola 100 or Q10 Cream at night. I also…

Olive Leaf Product Line

…ravaged by the wrong products, then it's time to call a truce. DHC introduces its Olive Leaf series: Olive Soap and Olive Leaf Lotion, Milk, and Cream. They're among our most sophisticated developments yet in radiance-enhancing skincare. At DHC, we've long believed in the power of the olive to beautify skin…